Friday, October 15, 2010

Shaycarl's Elementary School Memories & Mommytard's Supernote

Those tomatoes are looking a little peaked Mommytard. She's got a little tomato grow-op in her basement so the Shaytards will have some veggies during the winter. Little Rocktard was looking a quite alert with big saucer-eyes while Shay was holding him too.

Shay and Katilette are taking the tardlets to a book sale at the kids' school and Shay wants to tell everyone about when he won the election for class president back when he was in 6th grade, but as usual, Shay is a little loud lol, so he'll wait til they are back in the car to go over the details.

Check out Rocktard at 7:52 of the video peeking out the facehole of the superhero - too cute lol.

"What do we do with books kids? We burn'em if they have ideas we don't agree with right kids?" Lol, and then Shay gets a series of disapproving looks from Mommytard. He's obviously not being serious on burning books folks.

So, while taking the girls to their dance class, Shay starts telling about his Grade 6 election as class president. He was all stylin' with his good suit and his hair all slicked back, looking every inch the image of a political candidate. You can almost picture a little beardless Shay (I'm assuming he didn't have a beard in 6th grade, but you never know lol) and he threw down his speech, mussed up his hair and put on a baseball cap and started rapping.

Like the part where they open the box from Colonial CandleCrafters and Mommytard's reaction to Shay flipping out sending a shower of styrofoam peanuts all over the van. Then Shay puts out a challenge to Wheezy Waiter about the Supernote Challenge. If you don't know who Wheezy is, make sure you check out his channel too.

Below is Mommytard's Supernote so make sure you watch this one too. And don't forget to subscribe to her channel as well. It's katilette.

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