Thursday, October 28, 2010

LinzLoves Does The Royal British Museum & Tower Of London

If you are subscribed to LinzLoves, you know that she just travelled to London England all by her lonesome and this is her first video of her time over there. Day 1: The British Museum.

I am a huge history buff and love all the statues and history that permeates through the British Museum. Never been there myself, but maybe someday. Did you see the Rosetta Stone at about 4:22? That alone is one of the historically significant pieces at the museum. In case you didn't know, the Rosetta Stone was found by Napolean Bonapartes troops during their expedition to Egypt in 1799 and proved to be the key to decyphering the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs because it has a decree written in ancient Greek and the same text written in hieroglyphics. I'll stop with the history lesson now lol.

After the British Museum, she heads off to the Tower of London where so many gruesome executions took place. I agree with what Linz says about taking a guided tour of the Tower being best. There is too much history wrapped up in that English icon that will be missed if you don't have someone pointing it out for you.

At about this point, her camera went bonkers on her but she said the rest of her trip was all recorded on one camera, so that should be good.

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