Friday, October 15, 2010

Republican Supporters "Allegedly" Fund Incredibly Racist Obama Billboard

This is just in very bad taste. A group of right-wingers have put up a billboard sign in Colorado depicting President Barack Obama as a Mexican bandito, a gay man, and as an Islamic suicide bomber. You can almost feel the idiots who put this sign up rubbing their hands in glee about the publicity they are getting for this. Nothing says class like using racism as a political tool.

It's bad enough that they think this is a good idea, but they are also entirely gutless because they won't reveal who actually paid for the sign. The owner of the billboard, the "artist" and others involved won't say who funded it. Once again - gutless. It is one thing to make a political statement, but the omission of who made the statement further undermines those who made the statement.

Apparently to these "privately funded" groups, showing Obama as a Muslim, which to these people equates terrorist, Mexican, meaning an illegal immigrant, and gay which is somehow automatically negative in their minds. How is this not seen as racist?

I guess they're getting those dirty democrats back after all the signs they put up about former president george Bush being a Gay-Mexican terrorist. Oh wait they never did any of those sort of dirty political tricks.

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