Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ray William Johnson: Gumby And The Wooden Spoon Prank

Here's the latest from RayWilliamJohnson. Gotta admit that like most guys I've been party to shenanaghans like the dude jumping the sign. Usually I'm the guy telling folks that they can do thing stupid stunts. Like as a kid "Sure you can do it Billy! I'm sure the umbrella can hold you if you jump off the roof!"

Lol, "I think he broke his hymen!" And what does buddy have against Gumby in the next viral video? The guy was doing some analysis of Madden Football and one of the players is sprinting down field (holding his broken leg) and the "announcer" is "How is he runnin' with a broken leg?!" and end by cursing out Gumby. I dunno who he's referring to as "Gumby", but he better watch himself. Gumby is a mean old BAMF.

I mean, Gumby may be make of clay, but he can form any shape and he could turn into something nasty like a weapon or your old girlfriend - now that's truly terrifying.

The wooden spoon prank is a classic. You get an unsuspecting friend to put a wooden spoon in his mouth and hit you on the top of the head. You just cannot get any force going if the spoon is held that way, but what you do is have another friend bop the first unsuspecting guy on the head with a spoon when it is your turn to use the spoon.

Here's the whole video of the guys from Iceland.

I think the one with the glasses who falls for the trick is named Oli. The 3rd guy who does the hitting is probably the one who owns the YouTube channel, ottogun. Somehow I think poor old Oli gets tricked by these two a lot.

So, what do you think about the comment question of the day? Which is better - men or women, and why?

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