Wednesday, October 20, 2010

CTFxC: Trippy Gets a New Girlfriend & Live Show w/PhillyD

Don't worry all you CTFxCers, Charles hasn't kicked Alli to the curb. He just got a big ol' box of porn for the live show Charles will be doing tonight with Philip DeFranco (more details below).

So what does Charles do with his new inflatable girlfriend? He tries to do the PrankvsPrank gag. See this video if you don't know what Charles wanted to do to Alli (How to wake up your hot girlfriend with a fake head <- that's CLASSIC, lol). But Alli's too savvy to fall for it. While driving, Charles mentioned the scary music that was playing was by The Phoenix and was called Love Like A Sunset, so there it is if you want it.

I just had an awesome idea for his show tonight - he should fill his inflatable girlfriend with helium and get her to float around when he's live lol. I'll put that in the comments for this video.

And I spotted those beer goggle glasses on Amazon lol, if you HAVE to have them. The other stuff Charles received, um, well, you'll have to search the Internet yourselves to find that.

I actually had a pair of those beer goggles a long time ago that a friend gave me, but they're long since lost.

As far as the live show tonight, he says he will be doing starting the show before the big telecast with Phil. You can go to at around 10:30pm EASTERN time (probably you should get there early).
At 11pm EASTERN time, the premiere for Spike's BLUE MOUNTAIN STATE starts, so stay logged into BlogTV because they will be on during the commercial breaks.


Rumor is they'll be giving away a bunch of cool stuff (possibly $2,000!) and I want my share!

If you want to check out Blue Mountain State, go to their page.

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