Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Station's 2 Picks For Awesome Channels You Should Be Watching

I'm really liking this new feature from The Station on YouTube (actually this is from TheStation2, their 2nd channel). Your Genial Host With The Most is of course, Joe Felice and he features YouTube channels with less than 10,000 subscribers that viewers have suggested should be highlighted so they can be seen by more youtubers and others. First, take a look at Joe's video below for more info and then I'll post a video from both of the featured channels.

I've never heard of either of these two channels, so hats off to Joe and The Station for bringing them to our attention. This new feature is very clever on their part, but if you are subbed to Joe's channel, you know he has his insightful moments (I particularly love his political videos - need more of those Joe!) and he has been a great addition to the Station's crew in my opinion.

The first channel that they told us about is called thelittlefears who originate from Canada and currently have 1,955 subs but should be getting more. The only drawback is that although they have 32 videos posted on their channel, they haven't added anything new in 4 months. But it will take you some time to get through those 32 videos and maybe they can be convinced to upload more (subtle hint there). Take a look at one of their videos:

They also have a cool, spooky website called Creepy Pasta that you might want to check out.

The 2nd channel that Joe talks about is DamItsGood808 with Alex Farnham. You have to agree that he is a dead ringer for Jim Carrey from the Ace Ventura movies. Make sure you check out his other videos too. Definitely a thumbs up.

All I can say is well done by The Station for bringing these two channels to everyone's attention and look forward to seeing what they'll find next.

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