Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shay Carl May Be Coming To Toronto & He May Be Bringing Buttermilk Biscuits

Poor Shay Carl may have to turn in his old passport because he may be going to Toronto Canada sometime soon. You can almost hear all the Canadian Shaytards fans "I am SO there!" as soon as he mentioned a possible gathering in Toronto.

And what did you think about Babytard's singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star? I am a tough as nails kinda guy and that did "melt my heart" as Shay said. Katilette sang a few times on the vlog, but they should get Babytard doing some more singing. Hey, she's already on the cover of a famous musician's CD, get her on iTunes lol.

I think the funniest part was when Shay was driving the family home and did the "commercial" for Heritage Foods and Mommytard yelled at him for being gross and Shay said "We'll edit that part out" and sorta winked at the camera.

What do you think of Shay's passport dilemma? I've had the same thing with old drivers licenses and other picture ID that I just couldn't bare to part with. Should he hide it in a drawer and tell them he "lost" his passport? Wouldn't want him to get into trouble.


  1. There's a Youtube gathering in Toronto on November 6th at Eaton Centre 220 Yonge Street Toronto from 7pm-around 9pm.
    Organized by

    Anyone know if this is the one Shay Carl is attending?! Guess I could ask Kevin...

  2. i wanna meet him ! find out and lemme know !

  3. lol, I'd like to meet Shay too! Haven't heard if the YouTube gathering today in Toronto is supposed to be the one he's attending - but according to the vlog, he's still in L.A. doing stuff for theStation. Friday's vlog was a short one of Katilette and the tardlets filmed by Carlie.

    I haven't heard back from the organizers if Shay might be stopping by or not. Still you might want to stop by just in case the large bearded man from Idaho shows up.

  4. Please tell me if he comes!!! I really wanna meet him !!

  5. He said he is coming to T.O. on Nov. 15. But he said there is some gathering on Nov. 16.

  6. I just spotted that twitter/YTGathering said the following: "YouTube Gathering with @shaycarl and @wheezywaiter in downtown Toronto - Dundas Square. Tuesday, November 16th at 4 PM. See you there?"

    Shay Carl AND Wheezy?!


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