Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Babytard! Stop Sucking Your Thumb!

I somehow stumbled across this great compilation of Babytard moments from the Shaytards vlogs. In case you don't know who she is, she's the youngest daughter of Shay Carl and Katilette who do a daily vlog of their family on YouTube that is one of the website's most subscribed channels.

It seems that just about every Shaytards video has Shay telling Babytard to stop sucking her thumb and the video above was uploaded by a Shaytards viewer. Each of the children in the family has their own moments to shine and are little characters in their own right and the children plus their wacky Dad, Shay Carl along with their lovely mother Katilette, also known as Mommytard make up the Shaytards. Their videos also have other members of Shay's family appearing from time to time (I'm a little partial to Shay's cheerleader sister Carlie) and usually shows the family going about their day with the odd trip out of town thrown in.

But one of the favorites of viewers is little Babytard because she is (as her Dad says) PDP - meaning pretty darn precious.

Also, recently Shay mentioned on the vlog that a picture of Babytard being thrown in the air by Shay was going to be used on the cover of a CD. Check this post: Babytard's A Covermodel?! Yup, She's On James Blunt's New CD.

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