Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Charles Trippy Says "Real Vampires Don't Sparkle!"

This is the video Charles Trippy filmed when they were in California earlier this month and that he has been working on since they got back. In their last CTFxC video, Charles was showing how he was putting together some of the music for this Halloween/Twilight themed video.

It looks like Charles/Edward scored big time lol. Also, this was filmed by Mr Safety of SMPfilms. The hot girl at the door was ChristaBelle28. Check out her videos! She's got about 38 posted (I liked A Real Woman's Workout).

And don't forget that you can win some Throwboy pillows by subscribing to this channel (which is Charles' personal Youtube channel). After subbing here, go to their Facebook page at Once you're subbed and have "liked" the Facebook page, Charles will randomly pick 9 folks to win the Throwboy pillows. It's that easy.

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