Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wheezy Waiter Is Producing Calcium Deficient Clones!

Don't you hate it when you produce a clone to do your work for you and said clone proves completely inept and unable to do the simpliest of tasks? Actually that can be looked on two ways - first, that your clone making is not very good and you need to see quality control improvements, or - second, what you based the clone on, the original you, is actually to blame. There's a sobering thought. Maybe YOU are the inept one and the clone is REALLY close to the original? Sorry, too much sci-fi mumble-jumble for me. Let's just watch Wheezy Waiter's latest.

I don't know it is simply a matter of being calcium deficient that could cause a clone's hand to fall off, but it may be that Wheezy's clone making needs an upgrade. Why I was just reading in Clone Makers Monthly (that's a magazine for clone making aficionados, but you've probably never heard of it) that with a few tweaks, problems like Wheezy's calcium deficient clone can be lessened. But there is the unfortunate possibility of zombie mutant clones, so it is a bit of a wash.

Wheezy also shows why it became suddenly dark outside his window using one of his many satellite cameras he has placed around the earth that picks up the odd UFO. I love the detail of how he can get an extreme close-up of his face. Wheezy actually uses these multiple satellite cameras to track the whereabouts of Scarlett Johannson on a daily basis (If you're reading this Scarlett, hey baby).

Unfortunately there will be no video from Wheezy for tomorrow, so no Explosion Wednesday, so you'll have to make your own explosions. But at least you have a handstand video to tide you over:

In case you don't know, Wheezy based his opening on a video by Toby Turner aka Tobuscus, but you would already know that if you had watched the handstand video. And sub to Tobuscus while you're at it! He's another good youtuber making funny stuff. I think we need to see some Toby Turner videos on this blog!

"Darkness, then redness, then whiteness!"

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