Monday, October 18, 2010

PhillyD As A Published Author?

First off, it looks like PhilipDeFranco will be without his hot girlfriend LinzLoves because she is going to London for a week (and you can expect some travel vlogs of her trip). As always, PhillyD will be busy back home.

I actually saw that Linz was going to England while watching 3 girls 1 grill by Olga Kay, so I didn't think that Phil & Linz were splittin' up or anything.

It was funny watching Phil trying to come up with something he "loved more than Linz" and he was definitely stuck lol. PhillyD's mad about this girl. But what do you think about Phil DeFranco possibly writing a book? I think it would be interesting. Like he's said, he's had an odd life for about the last 5 years. If you want to see what Phil wrote, here's his post on Facebook.

Phil was going on about the reaction to his tweet about skating through life and any backlash he got for his comments about the world being "filled with C students." Also, if you aren't following him on Twitter, you can find him at @PhillyD.

Do you think Phil should write a book about his life and YouTube experiences? And would you but that book? I think I would definitely read it. His videos were one of the reasons I got a YouTube account and he does come up with some clever stuff, so I think the story of his YouTube experiences might prove interesting reading material.

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