Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wheezy Waiter In Spaaaace!!

Wonders if the Wheezy Waiter "Opinion Cam" will be a thing or not. I vote yea. And how does he get all those people into his apartment?

I hadn't noticed that Wheezy doesn't talk about sports. That's a whole other can of worms (isn't that a weird phrase? Who would want a can of worms, let alone want to open said can?).

He could talk about great bearded sports figures, but as he said that would probably not be gender-equitable because there aren't very many women in sports with beards (I'm trying very hard not to insert a tasteless joke here about Eastern European Olympic teams from the 1970s because this blog has a large following in eastern Europe. Well there's that one dude in Germany. Guten Tag, Wolfgang!).

But back to Wheezy's video. His cousin-in-law, we'll call him "James" (saved a lot of time there) does music. Here's the link to his website: sent Wheezy a picture of a beard with a man attached. Maybe Wheezy can talk about great beardlovers of the past. Or beards in sports through the ages. I don't think there are any bearded cheerleaders and I have spent countless hours pouring over every Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader calendar for years and not once saw a beard. Actually I don't remember too much about their faces in general, but then again I have been trying to figure out how they tie those little shirts in the front. But I digress again.

Have to agree I lol at the part where he jumped into space on his way to get the coffee. Classic Wheezy. And the clone was so giddily happy about Wheezy's non-song. "Hats on his feetza?" What's that about? I think he really needs to get it rolling on the Wheezy Shoe. If you still have no idea about what the Wheezy Shoe is, read my last post about Wheezy's Shoe Design, or go to his Facebook page for more info: (hey, don't forget about me! I have a Facebook page too!)

Finally, don't forget about the Supernote Challenge. Although my heart belongs to Mommytard because she's just awesomely awesome, so any Supernote I do will go to Shay's team, I still support Team Beard.

Oh, and below you will find Wheezy's colab with Apartment Red. Check them out and sub. Thanks for reading, Wolfgang!

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