Friday, October 29, 2010

Fail Friday With Phil DeFranco & Epic Sxephil Face Fails

Looks like Philip DeFranco has finally brought us the anticipated Fail Fridays where he points out a couple of the biggest fails for the week and viewers vote which one was the larger fail. Got it? Good.

Personally I would have to say sleepwalking shotgun dude (Phil didn't say whether or not he survived) over the wacky waiter with the mega-death hot sauce. I just checked and they do have the stuff on Amazon so I'll put up a link to it if you are brave enough to grab some of that liquid fire. When Phil was talking about this story, my mind went to the dirtiest place and thought "bodily fluid" (a collective "ewwww" goes up from my readership) but it was just the hot sauce from a bottle variety.

So, of the two fails, which do YOU think was the greater showing of total ineptness?

Plus - what do you think about the State Farm sponsorship of the video? Me, I have no real problem with it, but some viewers may think "Phil, buddy, you sold out to the man for just a few bucks?" and you would be entitled to your opinion. State Farm is a massive company and getting corporate sponsorship shows that there some acknowledgement of the size of DeFranco's audience - which is not something we usually see on YouTube.

Phil also mentions that there is a Facebook page that shows everyone's favorite Phil Face Fails, but the link he gave doesn't work. He'll probably fix it on monday's show. Or you could just check out Phil's Facebook Fan Page where you can get some updates on what sxephil is up to when he's not in your face on YouTube.

But to tide you over, below is a video you probably haven't seen of a bunch of epic face fails by Phil that was put up by EpicFaceFails. Enjoy.

And if that's not enough for you, check out their video of Ray William Johnson.

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