Sunday, October 31, 2010

iJustine As A Mermaid Vampire?

So, what were you for Halloween? It looks like iJustine is rockin' the vampire theme with those choppers.

The Radio Shack dude didn't even seem to bat an eye at IJ when she asked for help looking for that cable. And loved the anguished looks to her sister Bree when he led her over to the cable section.

If you're looking for fangs, check on Amazon - but if it's past Halloween and you're shopping for fangs, it may be time to lay off the True Blood for a while.

I have to say that I did laugh at iJustine trying to squirm in and out of that little mermaid costume and needing help from a kind stranger and Bree to manage the maneuver. LOL at the bug-eyed little girl at 9:07 staring at her when IJ broke out into song. Half expected her to whisper "C'mon Jimmy let's get outta here!"

And just in case you missed IJ's sister Jenna's video where she dresses up as a vampire with her friends...

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