Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Elmify's Supernote and 40th Video Hoopla (No One Told Me There Would Be Hoopla)

Here's another addition to the Supernote Challenge. This time from elmify. If you are confused about what this "Supernote" business is all about, basically you film yourself holding a note for as long as you can and submit it to one of several "Team Captains." Elmify is on Meekakitty's Team Stashe.

And congrats to elmify for posting her 40th YouTube video. I remember back in the old days before all the fame and wealth when she was so much more down to earth and... Okay, she's still as goofy as ever and unchanged and I don't think she will become a diva, even if she (or her alter ego) launches "Elmify After Dark".

Oh and check out this video response made by blkfrhwk. It's a musical remix of some clips from elmify's channel.

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