Wednesday, October 27, 2010

CTFxC: At Best Buy Discussing Zombies And Charles Gets A New Canon Camera

Here's the latest video from CTFxC where Alli Speed forgets her camera battery (vlogging fail!) and Charles Trippy gets stuck in a Best Buy parking lot after hours and discussing zombies and new video games. Like he says, he can have fun anywhere.

It was interesting to see the lecture Alli was attending and her reaction to the religious views of the dude answering questions. I liked that she did say that she was showing the clip not to promote any particular point of view but just to show the happenings on campus.

Lol at Charles for his "With Zombies!" comments regarding the new Mortal Combat (with zombies). He said "there'll be Nickelodeon with zombies and Disney with zombies and Dora The Explorer with zombies... oh wait. I'd like to see that one." He asks which game he should get:

Dead Rising 2

Fallout New Vegas

The new Call of Duty: Black Ops

Which ones do YOU think he should get? Or do you care lol?

Charles also uploaded his Halloween video, so check out: Charles Trippy Says "Real Vampires Don't Sparkle!"

The video starts with Charles showing what YouTube looked like on the wayback machine, 5 years ago. It is surprising how little traffic the website got back then. They are also planning on giving away some Throwboy Pillows, so watch the video for those details.

This video is mostly about Charles testing his new camera, a Canon PowerShot SD3500IS versus the old one they were using, a Canon SD780IS . Lol at Marley in the thumbnail looking all upset. That's actually a great shot of Alli - she does have big, beautiful blue eyes doesn't she?

The new camera looks so much better in the video! Love the depth of field and increased vertical space that shows up with it. The camera has 14 megs and "5x Ultra Wide Angle Optical Image Stabalized Zoom" - which means - lots more of the image can be seen to the sides.

Wise choice in camera equipment Mr Trippy.

Lol at Alli's Crocodile Hunter accent when describing the "Hobbit's Den". I liked the part where she starts talking about Hobbit dung and Charles is "What?!" Yes Charles, your fiancee's an odd girl.

How Do You Win the Throwboy Pillows?

To win, you have to do each of the following:
1) go to Charles' person YouTube channel at CharlesTrippy and subscribe
2) go to Trippy's Facebook page at and click the "like" button.

After you have done both, your username/name is put into the "friends list" and he will randomly select 9 winners on November 3rd. If you want more info about the various pillows, check out

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