Sunday, October 31, 2010

CTFxC: Alli & Melissa Descend On Washington For Stewart-Colbert Rally

Looks like Charles Trippy will be heading over to Cape Canaveral later for the latest space launch, but first, Alli and Charles' sister Melissa go to Washington DC during the big Jon Stewart-Stephen Colbert Rally on October 30th. There was some talk of a mini-CTFxC gathering, but it looks like it was lost in the hoopla of the Stewart-Colbert party.

Have to agree with uber-gay Michael with his assessment of Melissa being gorgous - she's always smiling too which is another of her attractive features. Hey, if you aren't subscribed to Melissa yet, her Youtube channel is mel and she now has over 53K subs!

As far as Alli and Melissa's DC trip, it is always interesting to see all those monuments and buildings. I've never been there (yet), but I have always wanted to see Washington, the White House, Congress and the Smithsonion. Don't know why, but the Lincoln Memorial has always intrigued me - with a humongous Abraham Lincoln sitting in a chair staring down at you. Have to get some pictures of that some day.

It looks like Charles wants to put together a mini-Youtube gathering when they are in Washington which is cool. The reason why Alli and Melissa were in Washington was for the Jon Stewart-Stephen Colbert Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear on Saturday afternoon on the National Mall in DC. Have to lol at Colbert for dressing up like Evil Kenevil.


Check out these great pictures from the Stewart-Colbert Rally.

If you are not subbed to Charles' iPhone channel on Youtube you probably missed these two videos. First, Charles visits the Washington Monument:

Second, Melissa slids down the stairs at the Lincoln Monument:

Here's where you can sub to Charles' iPhone Channel. Charles & Alli post short little clips on this side channel all the time, so if you are a dedicated CTFxCer, you're missing out if you aren't subbed here too.

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