Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Shaytards

Don't care what you say Shay, lil Rocktard is a cute bambino. Shay Carl is thinking that the Shaytards viewers are somehow tired of how PDP their tardlets are and Rocktard in particular (and Rocktard was giving Shay a big grin as he was trying to say this lol).

Good to see an appearance by Malachi, their dog. I've read several comments asking where Malachi was because he hadn't been seen much recently, but he always seems a little camera-shy. Loved hearing Babytard saying "Pump-kin-tard" when they were trying to name the pumpkin Katilette has been growing in their backyard.

What do you think about their tribute to the movie The Sound of Music? Should they take their act on the road? I'd like to see Mommytard doing a bit more singing in the vlogs, but ALL the subscribers say that.

And don't forget about the Supernote contest. The team Shay is the captain of, appropriately named the "Shaytards Rebellionites" is still in the lead, but Wheezy Waiter's "Team Beard" is narrowing the gap, so if you have not yet submitted a supernote video of your own, you can do so on Shay's iphone channel iphoneTARD.

But what about the rules? Shay's winning, but who else is doing this? Boy, you have a lot of questions! Go here for the Rules and Standings, and check out this other video (by Rhett & Link) that shows the SuperNote 2010: Official Launch.

And remember, join the Shaytards Rebellionites - or you might get a visit from a odd, bearded man from Idaho.

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