Friday, October 22, 2010

Wheezy Waiter Spends Apple Day At The Zoo

Did you know it was Apple Day in the UK? Probably not if you don't live there - and if you do live there and didn't know, for shame! Apple Day is the day in the United Kingdom when if you say the magic words "Apple Me", an apple will fall as if by magic. Go ahead and try it. Jeez, it doesn't work 364 of the other days of the year, you will have to wait until next year to try it. Bummer, right?

Did you confuse wheezywaiter's British face with his Banjo face too? And I would like to be the first to toast your forthcoming nuptials with Scarlett Johansson or should I say Scarlett Benzine? (You'll get that if you know Wheezy's real name). I almost got my nuptials toasted once, but that was just because I was standing a little too close to a campfire, but that's a story for another time.

According to Wheezy, viewers have asked that he go to the zoo (the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago). Just in case you don't know, if you go to Wheezy's YouTube channel, there is a segment where you can make suggestions on what he should do and vote on the suggestions of other viewers - it's an awesomely awesome feature. And it was good to see Lamarr aka wilsontech1 lend a hand to ensure Wheezy didn't get into too much mischief at the zoo. Or at least didn't get caught trying to free the animals.

The "sup" to the polar bear was epic lol. And loved the staredown with those bald-headed eagles. The ducks looked like they were enjoying his sense of humor, but one little joke about quacks and they clam up. Talk about a tough room.

And don't forget about sending in your Supernote! Go here for the Rules and Standings, and check out this other video (by Rhett & Link) that shows the SuperNote 2010: Official Launch.

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