Saturday, October 23, 2010

Brittani Louise Taylor & Friends At Big Bear (And There's A Haunted Pool Table!)

Big Bear California is a cool area west of Los Angeles (accessable by passing through San Bernardino) that is a very nice getaway and Brittani Louise Taylor, along with some fellow youtubers, spent the weekend and here's the video of their trip.

Loved the joke they played on Joe Nation pretending that the cabin was haunted. Beware of the Legendary Haunted Pool Table if you go to Big Bear! If you do decide to chance running into a ghostly pool player, you can check out this site about the cabins at Big Bear, but you might want to ask for a cabin without a pool table - unless you want to play the same joke on one of your friends lol.

The others at the cabin with Brittani and Joe were Brigitte Dale and Joey Anderton.

This trip was a bit more successful than the damp backyard campout Brittani and Brigette had last week. See my post about: Brittani Louise Taylor's Ecomagination Backyard Camping Adventure.

And check out Joey Anderton's video of the Haunted Cabin joke on his bambamjoey channel lol. They got Joe Nation pretty good!

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