Saturday, October 16, 2010

TimothyDeLaGhetto Layin' Down Some Tracks & Who's That Girl?!

This video is from a couple of weeks ago, but somehow I missed it. TimothyDeLaGhetto is putting down some vocals (!) for a parody video and then he's doing a shoot with Eric G. Ochoa aka supereeego and the superhot Jessi - aka (sorry dudes, but she's got it set to private).

Tim's got a car full of folks heading to the video shoot with buddy Richie in the front, supereego and Jessi in the back. First there's the makeup and then Jessi starts dancing and as usual it's "Who's that hot girl Tim?"

I checked her myspace (just for research purposes only) but she doesn't have it open to the general public and I was going to plead with her to become friends but she must have had some advance word about me or somethin' because there's no reply. Maybe you can do better.

After that, it's back to Tim's parents' house and his Mom is all friendly, but Pops is giving the camera the stink eye. LOL, Tim's Dad always cracks me up.

The whole part at the end with Dirty Dee was hilarious. She took that picture of Batman's teeny tiny "logo" and wandered off. Tim's gotta get her back. But actually, get Jessi back again okay?

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