Friday, October 22, 2010

Spricket Does Some Twitter Shout Outs

I missed out on Karen's Twitter shout outs! I'm subbed to her spricket24 YouTube account and that's how I found out that she had planned to give random shout outs to her Twitter followers. Check out the lucky ones below who got mentioned in her video:

I am following (some would claim stalking) Spricket on Twitter, but somehow that wily redhead gave me the slip. I guess some of the other people following her on Twitter kept demanding she give shout outs in one of her videos and she did! And I missed it (insert sad face here).

She has replied to me before on Twitter (usually in the form of a cease and desist letter, but I digress) but usually she replies to most of the people who tweet her. She's cool like that.

If you want to follow her on Twitter, her account is @KarenAlloy. She just recently hit 25,000 followers and because of doing shout outs, she will probably bust through 30,000 in no time.

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