Thursday, October 14, 2010

Perez Hilton: Turning Over A New Leaf?

I first have to say I didn't think I would ever put up a video by PerezHilton because I don't find what he does all that humorous - yes, I have laughed and joked at the foibles of the celebs (and the youtubers), but I've always found his stuff a bit hurtful and somewhat malicious. I've rarely ventured over to view his website and felt it was a sort of a lightweight Entertainment Tonight sort of thing. Yes, he's a popular and somewhat successful blogger which I give him full credit for, but as he mentions, he has been something of a bully from the periphery of the famous folks. He just posted this video on Youtube to state that he plans to make some changes...

He does seem to believe all this and hopefully will take a more mature tact. He says he doesn't care if he loses some of his audience if he becomes less "salacious" etc but we'll have to see when or if that happens. Personally I have always felt that it's your actions that speak loudest rather than what your intentions are - you could have a heart of gold, but then again, so does a hard-boiled egg.

He seems to want to just be a better person - that is his intention - but it will be his future actions that tell the story. How he writes and treats the actors and actresses that make up the field he covers on his blog will speak volumes. Don't get me wrong, I still think Perez is a bit of a dillhole, but just because he rubs some folks the wrong way doesn't mean what he wants to say is any less valid. Some people live long lives without attaining any sense of maturity. It starts with self-realization of their own pettiness and wrongdoing - where it goes from there is up to the individual.

He's on Step One - when he's on Step Five or Six hopefully others will notice. Until then he's stuck with the reputation he's developed for himself and he'll have to work on that from his end before others react differently to him.

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