Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Amy Kuney's New Song "Hope A Little Harder"

This is a new song from Amy Kuney that was recently featured on the television series One Tree Hill (season 8, episode 2). The song is called Hope A Little Harder and is available from iTunes. My suggestion? Buy it and support an up-and-coming singer who has a lot of videos and songs on her YouTube channel.

I received a friend request on YouTube from her and I always check out the other person's channel to see whether or not I should accept their request and I was very happy to click on her video of this song. I immediately accepted her as a friend and subscribed to her channel. She currently has 17,904 subs and should have more. Her channel states she is an unsigned singer and hopefully if you check out her music and maybe subscribe to her as well, it will help persuade the muckety-mucks in the recording industry that she should get signed!

There are a number of great artists on YouTube with varying levels of success and by subscribing to them you will get some great music and maybe help support a new artist.

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