Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tobuscus' Supernote & Toby Gets Some Sweet Lovin' From ST1RFRYTV

Toby Turner aka Tobuscus has a couple of channels on YouTube you must be subscribed to. Okay, he's got an armload of channels - there's his main channel, Tobuscus, where he has over 508K subs and he's about 62nd most subscribed of all time, but he also has his "Lazy Vlog" channel under his real name, TobyTurner (if that indeed is his real name...). That's the one the clip below is from:

As expected, Toby did the unexpected. Doing his Supernote in his car and then hopping out and doing a walking vlog. He did his Supernote for Team Beard who it looks like will probably win the whole enchilada as it is down to it's last day and Team Beard is still in the lead (unless Shay Carl and his Shaytards Rebellionites can manage some last-minute heroics).

As well, he was recently featured by the boys over at ST1RFRYTV in their "YouTube Spotlight" which is a tip of the hat to Turner. Stirfry has also done spotlights on Charles Trippy and Alli Speed as well as the beardman himself, Wheezy Waiter, but this is Tobuscus' turn to shine. And now, by popular demand (well, one guy asked for him), ladies and gentlemen... Tobuscus!

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