Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wheezy Waiter Noise Pollution & A Wheezy Shoe Update

Bet you didn't know that Eric Stoltz was the first choice to play Marty McFly in the Back To The Future movies did you? If you did then you're a die-hard Michael J. Fox (or Eric Stoltz) fan, and if you didn't neener, neener.

And there's a special guest host filling in for Wheezy. Bet you'll never guess who it is. And no, it's not Craig with a wig.

He also covers all the hoopla about Frito-Lay going back to the old bio-degradable chip bag (there was hoopla? Did I miss the hoopla?) And there is an update on the new shoe he is asking viewers to help design. I keep coming back to something like Air Jordans, but with a twist - I'm thinking because Craig has asthma, they should be called "Air Wheezys" and they should have a puffer instead of an air pump - just in case he has any problem with his breathing. Because breathing is his thing.

Doh! Hate that eagle! With his smug flying and cool, wingding lettering. Are you confused about what this whole "Wheezy shoe" thing is? Are you confused about the eagle and the Supernote thing? I'm beginning to think that you are just generally confused - but that's not my problem, so I'll just move on.

Below you will find out why Wheezy is in need of some new shoes. He has another pair from back in the day when he was an actual waiter - um, his name is Wheezy Waiter remember? Craig was a waiter back when he first started on YouTube, but that was long ago, before the wine and the women. Well actually the wine started a long time ago too. Watch the video below and you will find out why he is shoeless. I dunno why he is sockless though. Maybe he is a foot-nudist and only allows his feet to get nekked. Okay, I'm going to stop now because I don't want to think about Wheezy naked, not even his feet. Watch the darn video!

What's the Wheezy shoe you ask? Okay you didn't ask, but you were thinking it. I hate it when you get all thinky. Anyway, because of the explosion jump to the coffee (that was an excellent use of pyrotechnics by the way Wheezy), Craig shoes done blowed up good. They blowed up real good. He is now in dire need of footware because the iphone just didn't cut it (the glass did though).

So Wheezy has enlisted the good folks at Tweak to design "The Wheezy Shoe". And what is this wonderous wheezy shoe you're thinking? - there you go getting all thinky again. Stop that!

It is a space-age, newfangled, awesomely awesome footware that you get to help design to keep Wheezy's tootsies from the cold Chicago winter that will soon arrive (yes, Wheezy is from Chicago). He got the idea from RhettandLink, some other youtubers I follow (some would say stalk, but they're the police and the lawyers).

What do you mean you've never heard of Rhett and Link! Man oh man, do I have to find ALL the good youtubers for you? The link above will take you to their channel and you can look at their videos. Or you can watch the one below to find out about this whole shoe thing.

Really, sub to them too, they are pretty good. They're the ones putting the whole Supernote contest together. Plus they did that tres cool T-SHIRT WAR!! video awhile back. Um, you have seen that one I hope? Watch it NOW if you haven't. Bradshaw comes through again, finding great vids for ya.

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