Friday, October 22, 2010

CallieMooreMusic's October Song & Katilette's Response

I'm a great supporter of those on YouTube and I'm always looking for videos and music that make you laugh and for people to enjoy and below you will find one from calliemooremusic, called October (which will be available on iTunes shortly - or when you read this).

If you don't know who Callie Moore is, she makes music and has been posting videos on YouTube of herself and her husband Dave performing for several months, as well as personal vlogs (which are great) and I would suggest you subscribe if you have a YouTube account.

The song Callie sand was called October and was about her (and Katilette's) mother who died from breast cancer 17 years ago. Her sister is Katilette aka Mommytard from the extremely popular vlog she does with her husband Shay Carl and her 4 kids called the Shaytards. Katilette posted a video on her personal channel a few days ago about why she was observing Breast Cancer Awareness month this year (Callie & Katilette lost their mother in October of the year she died and it was also the month of their mother's birthday), so it has been difficult to outwardly support the campaign because of the painful memories that would be dredged up.

The video below is Katilette's response to her sister's song about their mother.

If you want to take a look at the post I did on Bradshaw's Blog about Katilette's video from a few days ago, check Katilette Discusses The Loss Of Her Mother And Breast Cancer Awareness.

You can purchase the song October at cdbaby and check at iTunes for more songs by Callie Moore, although October won't be available for a few days.

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