Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shaytards: Singing Tardlets, Shay's Pyro Mom & Halloween Shopping

Better get that Sontard signed up to a big recording contract soon or another record company will snap him up lol. All three of the kids are singing at the start of this vlog and Sontard is singin' his heart out.

Once again Shay talks about ending the daily vlogs or just taking a much needed break and that is understandable given they are coming up on their 2nd anniversary as the Shaytards. Even doing something you love can become a grind if you don't step away even for a short break. That is what I (and nearly all Shaytards fans) am hoping for.

You know that with a week off from the Internet Shay will be chomping at the bit to get back on again - he probably wouldn't last even a week. Katilette would have to keep talking to him "Now Shay, you said you would take a week off..." What do you think? Should Shay and his family go for a week off and banish the Internet so they can recharge? He's probably worried that all the fans of the videos will disappear, but everyone would welcome them back and their channels would just grow even more. I vote yea, let Shay have some time off, then get back at it, cranking out those videos!

As far as this vlog went, we learned that Shay's mom is a bit of a pyromaniac lol, burning dish towels and if it weren't for a quickwitted Princesstard, then chez Carl might have burnt to the ground.

And it was good to see that they got the van doors fixed. It usually is something simple like that. There's the lesson for the day kids - if something doesn't work, turn it off and back on and sometimes it will re-set itself. Except that Shay had the power doors on off already.

And in case you missed this video:

The Shaytards Go Shopping For Halloween Costumes

First, they have to drop off Princesstard and Babytard with Shay's hot sister Carli (do I say she's hot too often? I think I do, but, well, she's kinda hot) for cheerleading/gymnastics practice. Shay and Katilette then go into what happened to the van doors (Shay tried to jump a median). Then they took the kids Halloween costume shopping...

Also, you might want to watch Katilette's video where she discusses Cancer Awareness Month. She posted it on her personal channel because it is about her own mother's battle with cancer. Katilette's Video

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