Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kimmi Smiles With An Update & Her Team Beard Supernote

Have to admit that I think kimmitalks (or Kimmi Smiles) is just the cutest. She seems genuinely happy to be making YouTube videos. Take a quick look at the following:

It does sound like she is going to be busy for the next little while and will have to space out her future videos because of school and that's okay. Nothing wrong with concentrating on doing well in school. When she does post the video about surviving the upcoming zombie apocalypse, I'll be sure to include it here too.

I had thought that I was already subbed to her YouTube channel but found out I wasn't (fixed that just now) but I was following her on Twitter (she's at KimmiSmiles on Twitter). I started following her there after I posted about her & davedays on BlogTV in July, but somehow I didn't sub to her channel - but like I said - fixed now.

And in case you somehow missed it, Kimmi and Dave made a great video called Olive You about a month ago and available at iTunes (go buy it now - RIGHT NOW!)

Also, it looks like Kimmi took the Supernote challenge and joined Team Beard (and no, she's not required to grow a beard to be a member of Wheezy Waiter's Supernote team). Her video with her Supernote is shown below.

And on a personal note to Kimmi (if she ever reads this), don't worry so much, your subs will still be here when you can start posting again after your exams and stuff. Just worry about doing well at university because that's what's important.

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