Saturday, October 30, 2010

TheWillofDC: Winners & Losers Halloween 2010

I don't know about you, but as a regular viewer of TheWillofDC's Winners & Losers I like how Will did this video rather than his other recent videos with the green screen. That said, there were some interesting developments in the rankings of the Top 100 Youtubers this week and Will lets us know what's what.

The big winner this past week was DieAussenseiter a German YouTube channel that moved up from 80th to 77th place on the overall Top 100. "DieAussenseiter" translates into english as "The Outsider". This does show the growth of the international scope of YouTube and other channels using languages other than primarily English should take heart and receive some motivation to keep working to make more videos and channels in their native languages - there are audiences in every country that want great content in their own language. Below is a Halloween video from DieAussenseiter.

DieAussenseiter is made up of two German brothers: Alexander "Sascha" Koslowski and Dimitri "Dima" Koslowski and their channel now has 437K subscribers and 111 million views! Those are some solid numbers.

According to Will, the biggest loser seems to be therealdemilovato channel which garnered only 2,903 new subscribers over the last 2 weeks and fell to 49th place from 44th. It looks like Demi Lovato's in a new series called Sonny With A Chance (that seems like a re-run of 57 other Disney shows - hope that didn't sound too harsh). They've released a bunch of clips of the series on Demi's channel, but nothing truly unique content-wise, just more from the Disney machine. If you want to see a clip with Shaq, check it out:

Ray William Johnson Got 73,000 New Subscribers?!

Yes, Ray keeps on generating massive numbers in the subscriber race more than doubling Nigahiga's new subscribers 35,013 with RWJ getting 73,252 new subs. That is amazing. Last year when it was Shane Dawson pulling the big numbers, I'm pretty sure even Shane didn't get that many all at once. Ray William Johnson is still about 600,000 behind Nigahiga but Ray's gaining on him fast. It's probably only a matter of time before there's a new number one most subscribed on YouTube.

Also, Fred got passed by Shane Dawson for 3rd overall. Poor Fred who everyone loves to hate was once the big kahuna but he's slipping. His numbers are still solid, but Smosh is breathing down the little guy's neck (Anthony and Ian are about 100K behind Fred).

A couple of other big name Youtubers that Will didn't mention are sxephil and realannoyingorange who are neck and neck for 9th and 10th spots, with collegehumor and davedays both really, really close behind.

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