Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hot Triker Chick iJustine Goes Green

As part of the Ecomagination challenge that so many youtubers are doing, iJustine has asked her viewers to give her some suggestions on what she should do to help raise awareness for this great project. And although many would have liked to see her paint herself green and run around the streets of Santa Monica, she has wisely decided to forego her car and take up the healthy habit of riding her bike.

I have to admit that my secret Internet girlfriend has come up with yet another excellent idea - riding a tricycle. I'll bet you were expecting her to go zipping down the street on the latest Schwinn, or some other bike like a ten-speed. But no, she hops on a tiny trike and peddles like mad through the streets. I almost lol at the look of grim determination she had at about 0:52 as she stared at the camera as if to say "What? You gotta problem with a girl on a trike?"

And away she went, hair fluttering in the breeze - I think she did pretty good! She got a few sideways glances from pedestrians, but most kinda shrugged it off (probably thinking "Oh, it's that nutty IJ again.")

And loved the sly grin at 1:44 as she attached her little red wagon and started offering rides. Very cool and environmentally aware and of course mostly it was guys more than willing to help out a beautiful blonde try to carry someone in the wagon for a ride. Laughed all the way through this.

If you want to see what other youtubers have uploaded for this challenge, check and watch DaveDays, the Shaytards, WhatTheBuck, DeniseVlogs, Philip DeFranco and a bunch of other youtubers contributions.

And don't forget to go to iJustine's Facebook page if you thought this was great. Her Facebook page is She also did a longer version that you can see below. She has this extended video on her 2nd channel called otherijustine. For a minute there I thought she was going to get a ticket from the cops for sure lol.

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