Thursday, October 14, 2010

CTFxC: Charles Goes Postal & Chubby Dogs Chasing Cars

Today's fun began with Alli dragging a box full of packages down the stairs for Charles to take to the Post Office. I'm guessing more t-shirts for CTFxC viewers who have bought them from Charles & Alli's website. Charles starts off with a rant about the Post Office and how they said they don't want to have a clerk's valuable time taken up with the 400 packages they are bringing. Personally I agree 100 % with Charles' assessment - it's their freakin' job!

lol at Marley chasing the remote controlled car. She chases it, and when it stops, she just barks at it and gets ready to chase it again. Good to see she's getting some exercise though. Little Marley is looking a tad pudgified and needs to burn off a few of those doggie treats. Man those dogs can move when they want to that's for sure.

I liked later in the car with Zoe & Marley all tuckered out "How about you Spoontongue?" Charles asks a panting Marley. They still have tons of shirts to ship and Charles mentions the video at the Prankhouse where he jumps some guys with the motorbike - here's the video: Prankhouse: Charles Trippy Jumps 4 Dudes On A Moped.

And I totally agree with him about Alli not saying how much she weighs when they are weighing Marley. Alli looks like she is lean but not super-skinny. Why is it that girls, even those ones in great shape, are so hesitent about saying their weight? It's like "oh my god you weight 120 pounds?! You cow!" As if that really mattered.

Lol at Alli flashing back again and again at Marley's plantive stare while Zoe is gulping down the water forever. I don't think we ever found out what Zoe weighs, but chubby Marley is now 29 pounds.

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