Sunday, October 31, 2010

Supernote: Shay Carl & Wheezy Waiter Battling For Supremacy

It is down to Wheezy Waiter and Shay Carl in the epic battle of the beards in the 2010 Supernote contest. Both Team Beard (Wheezy's team) and the Shaytard Rebellionites (Shay's team) need to be commended as both are far and away number one and two overall and running away with the contest. Shane Dawson's Team Shane is a distant 3rd. You can find out the standing at Supernote Rules and Standings.

Both Wheezy and Shay made last minute videos to try to bolster the troops and try to get this thing won and Shay came back from about 13,000 seconds behind to about 4,000 back, so I think it may be Wheezy's year, but it ain't over til the fat lady sings (although I hear her warming up). Check out Wheezy and Shay's pleas:

Submit your Supernote video response for Team Beard here: Team Beard

Submit your Supernote video response for the Shaytards Rebellionites here: Team Shaytards

Who has the longest Supernote this year?

It looks like truecolors911 has the longest Supernote for 2010 so good luck trying to beat her! She did it for Project LavaNote (LiveLavaLive) and clocked in at 148.2 seconds - that's almost 2 and a half minutes!.

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  1. Whoa! Shay took his video down! Does that mean he concedes to Wheezy Waiter? Is there now a new beard in town? Are you still reading this comment?


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