Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kayne's Offering A Bit Too Much Exposure On MySpace: Phil DeFranco

Phil DeFranco's pimpin' Kanye penis shots? Ah, that would be no. Apparently Kanye West has a little pervy side. He's laying down a vibe with a sweet young thing on MySpace and then BAM! She gets a picture of his lil Kanye. For her very own.

First off, there's the "eeww" factor of a celeb flashing his tallywacker at young fans (no word whether she was under age, but still uber-creepy) but the thing is, West had done this more once. Or twice. Kanye's little buddy have been photographed more than Paris Hilton stumbling out of the latest hotspot. Pictures of the rapper's johnson are all over the place but no one wants to buy the pictures lol. There's a glut of photos and the price people are willing to buy them (who would want one?) is dropping faster than Kanye's credibility - or his pants for that matter.

Here's the Coca-Cola commercial DeFranco was talking about.

And here's Phil's Vloggity. It looks like Operation: Lose An Olsen Twin is off the boards and he's going to try something else. In case you haven't been following Phil's story, he has to watch his weight and try to keep on the healthy side because of the condition he inherited called polycystic kidney disease. He is currently at about 236 and wants to try to get down to about 216. He lost about 15 pounds recently (and you can see it), but give him some support as he tries to get past this hurtle.

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