Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nanalew's Supernote For Team Stashe (With A Little Help)

Why doesn't Nanalew have more subscribers? Yes, she has 125,176 at last count (that's good enough for 22nd in Canada) but she should have more I say! This is her latest which is her doing her Supernote and she has some friends make guest appearances.

The Supernote contest ends tonight at midnight (October 31st) so get on it people! Nanalew's was made for Meekakitty's Team Stashe. Were you as surprised as I was to see Mitchell Davis & Kyle Sibert aka livelavalive and well as the beardman himself, Wheezy Waiter. Although I think it will be Wheezy's year (unless Shay Carl can spur a last minute charge), I gotta give Nanalew props for sticking with Team Stashe even though they sit currently in 6th place - but that is also because Meekakitty has such fanatical followers. If you want to do a Supernote for Meekakitty, here's her video that you link to: TEAM STACHE! Supernote 2010.

Also, check out her channel! She has a great series called "Growing Up Granger" where she plays Hermione from the Harry Potter movies. And don't forget to stalk Nanalew on Twitter at @nanalew.

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