Sunday, October 17, 2010

Brittani Louise Taylor's Ecomagination Backyard Camping Adventure

Going camping is always fun and there's always something happening that is unplanned and when Brittani Louise Taylor decides to take on one of the Ecomagination challenges suggested by her viewers by camping in her friend's backyard, there are some mishaps.

It's kinda funny when you find out that someone who you are subbed to on YouTube is friends with someone else you have subscribed to on the website. I've been subbed to Brigitte Dale for quite some time and had no idea that she was friends with Brittani Louise Taylor until this video. You should sub to her too because she's a wee bit quirky and puts up some interesting videos. Brittani and Brigette decide to camp in (I'm guessing) Brigette's backyard along with Shane Dawson and Joey Anderton, but first they have to assemble the tent and that didn't go quite as smoothly as you would think.

Plus there was the added problem of sprinklers going off and the girls and the tent got soaked. Typical hardships most campers would face lol. But they survived the wilds of the backyard and completed another Go Green challenge for Ecomagination.

If you want to see what other youtubers have uploaded for this challenge, check and watch DaveDays, Auburn, DeStorm, iJustine, Nice Peter, Philip DeFranco and a bunch of other youtubers have contributed.

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