Friday, October 22, 2010

John Green's Singamajigs: A New Career In Music?

Doesn't it always seem that even with people who are successful in one area, such as acting, or professional sports, they always seem to harbour a secret desire to be a rock star? It seems like John Green of the vlogbrothers is no exception. John is of course, a published author and you can find his books over at Amazon. Here's a link to his author page: John Green books. But it also seems that John is a teensy bit jealous of his brother Hank's success as a musician and wants to join Hank's band. Take a look:

Now, although I think John is highly talented (and who wouldn't want a Singamajig player in their band), I dunno if I could see Bono and the U2 boys with a Singamajig solo. I'm not saying John doesn't have massive skills, and would probably be a welcome addition to Hank's band, but I'll have to see any finished product before passing judgement.

John mentioned Hank's latest song (see my post: Hank Green's Strange Charm: A Song About Quarks) and called it a song that mattered... well, about matter" lol. I liked Hank's song and just about all of Hank's songs. Actually if you want to check out Hank on iTunes, here the link: Hank Green on iTunes.

But mainly the video was showcasing John's love for Singamajigs (or Sing-A-Ma-Jigs). He does exhibit some ability on this most difficult of musical instruments - especially the harmonies.

What is your opinion? Do you see a new career path opening up for John in the musical area? Or should he perhaps stick to writing great (and award-winning!) childrens books?

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