Monday, October 18, 2010

Brian O Reilly's 'Things To Do Before You Die'

Check this out. Brian O Reilly (aka BriBryontour on YouTube) has put together a bunch of videos of things he wants to do before he dies. Below is one of his latest where he jumps into the Liffey River that runs through Dublin, Ireland. He has more guts than I do, that's for sure lol.

This is how he describes himself on his YouTube channel: "I'm a youngone living in Dublin who can't keep a girlfriend so decided to make a wee list of things I want to do before I die and video the whole experience.
A lot of the things that I do on this channel are done to raise money for cancer treatment and the Ross Nugent foundation, one of my favourite friends that died of cancer in May 2010. Our money raised buys blood pressure monitors for cancer wards."

So, it is not just all fun, but also has a charitable aspect as well. Brian's channel has 3,909 subscribers and over 100K views since he started this channel back in December 2009. He's listed as the 19th most subscribed in Ireland and had the number two most viewed video when this was being written - I think because so many Dublin residents wanted to see the crazy idiot who jumped into the Liffey lol. He also posts a new video about every week and viewers can put in suggestions on "Where To Make A Scene" (his channel is filled with suggestions).

He's got some songs available on iTunes that you might want to get Swings - Bribry Is Sky High. Proceeds will help fund the videos.

You can also follow him on his Twitter account at bribryontour, as well as his Facebook Group Facebook/Brian's 'Things To Do Before You Die' Video Series. Another spot to find him is on MySpace at

Here's another one of his earlier videos when Brian appeared on television explaining why the list was created and some clips from previous videos.

After taking a look at bribryontour's videos, I see I need to do a couple of things - update my list of the Top 100 UK Youtubers (been 3 months since the last update) and like I was thinking, put up a list of the Top Youtubers From Ireland. You guys need some promoting too because there's great videos coming out of Ireland that need to be seen.

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