Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's The Shay & Malachi Show And Yes, The Shaytards Moved

It was good to see the Shaytards feature their dog Malachi a bit as I've read several comments from viewers saying they hadn't seen much of that dog recently.

Shay and Malachi were heading over to the Shaytards old house - yes, they moved awhile back to a new place in their hometown. No, I don't have their mailing address and that's because Shay and Katilette want a certain degree of privacy. That's also why they use the names "Sontard", "Princesstard" etc for their children - I do actually know what their names are, but I won't tell you neener, neener. They want to keep the kids' names private, so until Shay and Mommytard say otherwise, their real names will not be seen on this blog. And you should respect their wishes as good little Shaytards fans.

It was odd seeing the old Shaytards' stomping grounds and I sort of expected to see things like the trampoline in the backyard but they've moved to a newer home.

What do you think of GrandmaTard's new kitten? Gotta say very cute and Malachi was very, very interested in that cat lol. It's funny seeing a huge dog like him sniffing and fussing over a tiny animal like the kitten.
And in case you missed it, take a look at Shay's sunday video where they did their vlog all in one take (hence the name "One Take Sunday") and you can see when Shay received the painting he is raving about in the video above.

And I had to include Katilette's most recent video, where she and the tardlets show the Halloween decorations they bought. She also talks about Halloween traditions that her mom taught her as a little girl.

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