Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shaytards: Shay Goes To L.A. And Some Ecomagination Footage

So, once again, Shay Carl is off to La-La land to make some videos with theStation. He first has to say goodbye to the Shaytards clan he's leaving back home in Idaho. I think that the part with Rocktard smiling at the beginning was some of his best scenes. He's smirkin' and smiling like crazy. Then it's on the plane to California (Don't forget your camera this time Shay!)

And he almost forgets his camera on the plane again lol. Lucky for him he remembered it before he left the airport. Hopefully he doesn't forget his toothbrush again (he does that too). You sure can tell that Shay loves his wife and kids because he's only away a few hours and he's already missing them. Loved the part where he asked the parking lot guy "Where do I find a hot brunette who's married and has 4 kids?" IDAHO of course.

Before he left, Shay filmed a new challenge video for his personal channel, shaycarl for their Ecomagination challenge. Here's where you can find out what other prominent youtubers have submitted: Ecomagination ~ Tag Your Green.

Here's the Shaytards "Goin' Green":

And don't forget about submitting a Supernote! If you don't know what a Supernote is, check out this other post on Bradshaw's Blog: The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Shaytards

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