Thursday, October 14, 2010

TimothyDeLaGhetto On The Bed With Andreaschoice

Have to admit I just about busted a gut laughing at Tim's Dad right at the beginning of this video. Gotta set the record straight "There's a lot more than THAT!" lol. Make sure you check out his channel at theTimothyDeLaGhetto.

But after that it gets interesting as we get to see the delicious andreaschoice in her bedroom. Is there a more photogenic girl on Youtube, I ask you? If you don't know her, she's one of the top make-up gurus - so girls, let her work her magic so you look like that. Nice bedroom too, but this video is about as close as you or I are ever gonna get to being in Tim's place sittin' on her bed.

He also stops off to pick up a copy of Far East Free Wired at the Best Buy. I included it here if you want to grab a copy yourself. Oh, and a belated Happy B-Day to his buddy Rick looking so enthused riding shotgun lol.

Dunno about that "Hurricane Simulator" thing he tried, but it would have been better if someone with a lot of hair did it, like andreaschoice. Can you imagine the wind blowing her hair all over? She would probably still look good with a windswept look lol. tim kept looking around like "So, when does this ride start anyway?" Funny at the end when they're eating and they look over and see two other dudes and he says "Tiiim... and Riiick" like it's odd that you would see an Asian guy and a Black guy eating together. Wonder what those other two guys were thinking too.

Still lol about Tim's Dad. Also, if you want to follow TimothyDeLaGhetto on Twitter, his account is @traphik.

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