Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Shaytards Clan Invades Frightmares

Shay and Mommytard are taking the tardlets to Frightmares at Lagoon for some more epic waterslide fun. First Shay starts talking about his high school cross-country running. I do believe he did run long distance. I used to do that back in the day when I went to high school, but unlike Shay, I loved it. But like Shay I did put on a little tonnage after graduating (since lost, thanks for asking).

Shay is riding shotgun and Katilette is behind the wheel for a change and Shay is filming Princesstard (Shay! Put your seatbelt on!) and the rest of the Shaytards are passed out in the back "catchin' flies" as Shay says. They are joining up with Shay's brother Casey and his wife, Shay's Mom and sister Carli and several other members of the extended Shaytard family and going to the amusement park I mentioned off the top. Never heard of it, but the website looks interesting. Mommytard mentioned that they "dress it up for Halloween" so the kids will like it.

Lol at Shay and his brother driving. "Don't tell me how to drive you idiot" Casey says when Shay tells him to go wide. "He may or may not have been touching my male reproductive organ" laughed Shay.

Then we see them at breakfast and Sontard busts a move while playing his harmonica right in the restaurant in front of all the other people eating. Sontard is a little showman lol.

If you missed their last video where Sontard dances at the mall and Babytard sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to Rocktard (too cute), here it is:

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