Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Babytard's A Covermodel?! Yup, She's On James Blunt's New CD

Did you hear about this? Shay Carl's youngest daughter, Babytard, is going to be a famous model! She's already a diva according to Shay as he said in a previous video. Apparently singer James Blunt contacted Shay about 6 months ago asking if he could buy the picture that was used as a thumbnail for one of the Shaytards videos. It's a great shot of Babytard and Shay's hands. Unfortunately that's as close as The Beard That Walks Like A Man will probably get to being on a bestselling CD - sorry Shay. Hey, but at least he got his hands in the picture!

The album called Some Kind of Trouble, will be released November 8th, so if you are a James Blunt fan and a fan of Babytard, you might want to pick up a copy. Shay just announced it on Facebook - and I wouldn't be surprised if he also said something in one of the next Shaytards videos.

Make sure you check out the latest update on James Blunt's CD on this Bradshaw's Blog post: Hey! That's Babytard! James Blunt's Live YouTube Album Launch Nov 8th 2010.

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