Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wow! Fred Figglehorn Drops An Album

Looks like Fred has just released his album with this song called Tater Haters leading the way. Fred was always something of a cartoon with his high-pitched voice and now he's morphed to animated mode for this video. I would really like to know what you think about this development.

In case you don't know who Fred is (you been living under a rock or what?), he is a character by Lucas Cruikshank that is a highpitched and very hyper kid who gets into many misadventures and seems to get left alone a lot. I admit I watched quite a few Fred videos when I first joined YouTube, but never subbed to his channel.

If you simply gotta have it, Fred's songs are available on iTunes and the album is called Who's Ready to Party?. Me, I think I this may be a party I'll skip, thank you very much.

The animation is okay I guess and reminds me of something that we would get from Ren and Stimpy, but even though the "Tater Haters" part is oddly catchy, I don't think this is something I will be waiting in line to purchase.

Maybe this latest development in Lucas' career will help him when he joins Nickelodeon's stable this coming spring with his own show, and maybe he is pushing this out in an effort to appeal to the pre-teen crowd (I'm hoping) because it is not something that many mainstream youtubers will likely want to watch (not that I am tapped in to the psyche of your typical YT viewer).

Yes Fred does maintain a massive following on YouTube and currently sits in 4th place on the alltime list, but he was once the most subscribed channel on YouTube not that long ago. But as he has broadened his horizons beyond the website with his Nickelodeon deal and his recent movie Fred: The Movie which was originally supposed to be a theatrical released, but premiered on Nickelodeon. The movie aired in September 2010 with a respectable 7.6 million viewers (not me).

Lucas' Fred YouTube channel continues to garner new subscribers but nothing like it generated a year or so back, while other channels on YouTube are overtaking and passing him. Many of the Fred-haters would say that is a good thing, but you have to take it for what it is. His channel gets about 4,000-5,000 new subs each week, but most of the other top channels are getting 3-4 times that number every week, which means this channel will slip down the rankings. I think he is close to his limit on what he can get as far as new subs, but there could be an even greater market of those on Nickelodeon who may not have heard of Fred and fall under his spell.

Some have grown tired of the Fred character and would be happy to see him disappear, but with a subscriber base of over 2 million, don't expect Fred to stop making videos for YouTube anytime soon - although it is next to impossible to figure out what successful YouTube partners earn, you can bet that Lucas has emassed a tidy sum that continues to provide him with more than enough to kick back and relax. I read somewhere that he easily has college taken care of (if he chooses that route) along with a nice nest egg.

Question: What is your opinion of this video?


  1. Fred is awesome i love him so does my good friend Landen D.

  2. I think it has become almost trendy to hate on Fred. Bottom line is that he is one of Youtube's biggest success stories and most of the griping boils down to a bit of jealousy.


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