Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sleepy Charles Trippy And Cussin' Alli

That'll show Charles Trippy why you can't stay up for days on end! The opening shots were of Charles doing a faceplant in front of the camera. It was almost like a CTFxC 24-hour web cam and we just tuned in when Trippy was passed out.

And it was good of him to give Alli a mulligan so early in the contest. If you don't know what the contest is, Alli has to go through the entire month of November without swearing and Charles has to go through the month sitting back and let his facial hair grow. If Charles goes through the month without shaving and if Alli swears (again, that is, lol), he can get a Google TV. If Alli can make it through the month without swearing, she will be able to get a new pair of jeans - probably an expensive pair I'm guessing.

The reason why Charles was so sleep-deprived these last few days was because of the Rally in Washington they went to with his sister Melissa (there are posts on here about that). I think the best shot was where he was asleep supporting his head with the spoon while eating Honey Toasted Oats lol. Followed closely by where he is drooling on his desk with the headbanger music blaring in the background.

I think Alli getting a do-over is fine because it is just the first day and trying to alter your behavious like that is not something you can do immediately. Besides, it will good for her to try to reframe from swearing for a month. She's been cussin' and swearin' like a sailor (sailors get a bad rep in this dept).

This is the first time we have heard about Charles and other youtubers heading over to Tennessee to live in a log cabin - sounds like Prank House goes country-style. That won't be for a couple of weeks, but I'll keep an eye out for more info about that and will pass it on to you. Alli will be being all scholastic and stuff, so won't be able to go, but expect a split video with Alli talking about her day at school and Charles and whomever is at the cabin with him having a great time.

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