Monday, November 1, 2010

Phil DeFranco Talks About His Latest Interview

I've been subscribed to Philip DeFranco ever since I stumbled onto his channel back in the day and thought "Hey YouTube let's me make my own channel & I can subscribe to people like sxephil?! Awesome! Where's the make you channel button?" So yeah, Phil is one of the first youtubers I started watching with some degree of regularity. Just about everything he puts on YouTube passes in front of my eyes and being of a somewhat stalkerish mentality I look for anything and everything about my favorite people. And it looks like Phil's been interviewed by NewTeevee and Phil discusses the interview below:

If you want to take a look at the website with the interview, check it out here: 5 Questions With…YouTuber Phil DeFranco. The article does give some info about where Phil's at now, with his company "DeFranco, Inc." where he's the CEO (meaning Phil is the Big Kahuna) and links to an earlier article about Phil & Toby Turner (aka tobuscus) and the channel they are putting together called CuteWinFail that Phil's mentioned in past videos. That channel already has 68K subs and is growing, so you might want to look into subbing. Take a quick look at that article for some background details.

After reading the article I was thinking "Damn, I wish there was more to this article and a little more indepth" and here's Phil, being the good youtuber that he is, reading my mind and uploading an expansion on his answers. This is why I'm a member of his subscriber base and tell others they should be subbed to Phil.

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