Thursday, November 4, 2010

Charlie McDonnell Pays It Forward To Other Youtubers

I just finished watching this video by charlieissocoollike or Charlie McDonnell as he is known to folks IRL and he did a sort of mini "My YouTube Story" of how he began on YouTube back 3 years, 7 months and 1 day ago. Like many, Charlie stumbled onto YouTube and found an intriguing video. Flash forward to today and Charlie has decided to make a video like the one that made the light bulb go off in his head and highlight some of his fellow youtubers that he particularly likes:

I have to agree with Charlie on his choices. I've been subscribed to Wheezy Waiter since he had only 3,000 subs or so - he's since been "discovered" and now is getting gobs and gobs of new subscribers and sits at 223K subscribers. I watch Wheezy regularly (and post here about him all the time: check here for Wheezy Waiter posts on Bradshaw's Blog).

Also, I liked seeing Charlie's shout out to elmify who I am also stalking, er, subbed to. I've been subbed to elmify since about mid-July after she was given a shout out by meekakitty and John Green of the vlogbrothers. With elmify, I would suggest watching her videos from the first one - she is so funny! I have put up some posts on here about her, but not enough. Check here for more elmify posts.

I had no idea who BrettDomino is, but because Charlie gave him a shout out I had to check out his channel and that's a definite thumbs up lol! Brett, along with band mate Steven Peavis make all sorts of great take offs of popular songs. I just watched their versions of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance along with We Speak No Americano and that is some wacky stuff! If you haven't been to Brett's channel, go over and subscribe.

The last one that Charlie wanted to highlight is the channel his mom does called Liliesarelike. I didn't know that Mrs McDonnell had a channel (she's up to 14K subscribers herself) and you might enjoy checking out what she has to say.

The video that Charlie mentioned at the start of his video is The Liker Chain by 1938superman that you can watch below:

If you liked that video, you should make a video response and attach to Andrew's video or attach it to Charlie's (there's already 20 video responses to his video if you want to watch those too).

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