Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wheezy In Seattle (There's A Tom Hanks Joke There Somewhere)

What in the world is Wheezy Waiter doing in Seattle you say? Well, like everyone does when they visit Seattle - pretend they are Morgan Freeman and hunt down serial killers.

So, what's with the change of venue? Why is Wheezy Waiter in Seattle instead of his native habitat of Chicago? When did he learn to do such an awesome Kurt Cobain impression? Why am I asking all these questions?

Well I think he's in Seattle with his band, (Driftless Pony Club) but I could be wrong. It could be that he needed to release his inner Morgan Freeman. All I know is that a sasquatch pit would be awesome and would explain why Big Foot is becoming so rare to find in the wild - they are all being held in pits by urban Seattletonians (Seattlites?). They can be hornery critters when messed with, as seen in those videos from Links Beef Jerky.

And thumbs up for Wheezy barely getting under that doorway. I was as surprised as he was to see such a positive reaction from his studio audience to his massive skills at clearing the doorway and the surprise jab, but he went too far with the 2nd punch. But you would have the same problem if you were surprised by a sudden punch wouldn't you? Go ahead and check by trying to punch yourself in the head - did you duck?

It also looks like Wheezy's Team Beard may have won it all in the Supernote Contest - by the time you read this and check the final standings they may be up, or they may not be.

Wheezy's Clones

Have you ever wondered how Wheezy produces his clones every day? You haven't? Too bad, I'll say anyway. He mentions the "clone machine" early in the video and gigafide has put together the video below showing how to make a clone of yourself (he should have posted this before Halloween so I could go as Wheezy):

I spotted this one because Wheezy himself gave it the thumbs up.

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