Monday, November 1, 2010

SupaDupaFlyGirl Liz Sings "Airplanes" w/ Andre And Has A New Channel

One of my favorite youtubers surprised me today. Liz aka SupaDupaFlyGirl sang - yes, I didn't know she could sing. I usually put her videos on and sorta blank out because of those eyes, but SDFG can also carry a tune.

The dude doing the rap part of the song was SidekickFlip also known as Andre, so check out his channel. I don't usually like too much rap, but his flowed excellently. Usually when you watch Liz she does the talkin' vlog thing and that's why I'm subbed to her (as are 41K other youtubers) but she's very multi-faceted (as you can see from this video) and has another channel for her photography, so check that one out at flytographer.

She also just announced that she was starting another channel called asksupadupa. She gives details in the video below:

I've watched several of her other videos and she is an intelligent person willing to share straightforward advice, so you might want to tune in to her new channel. Me, I'm going to listen to her song one more time and try to persuade her to make some more music videos.

And how come that song isn't on iTunes Liz?!

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