Monday, November 1, 2010

Shane Dawson's Furry Halloween

So, what do famous youtubers do for Halloween? They get dressed up as a crocodile if you're Shane Dawson and head over to his friend Bree's house where we find Brittani Louise Taylor looking good in her pirate costume and Olga Kay as a cow lol. Shane's doing an episode of "Ask Shane" with all these fellow youtubers.

As a canadian, I do have to take exception to Shane calling out Nadine for being from Canada. She's from Vancouver and is Olga's roommate for a month or two. Yes, some of us do say "aboot" as in "no dowt aboot it" but "y'all" goin' have to deal wid it lol. And poutine rocks!

And had to laugh at Shane dancing with Barney. Something a little creepy about that scene. Loved that line "I feel like I'm in a Tyler Perry movie with that laugh" when Jess started cackling hysterically.

All through the video Shane was answering questions left by his viewers, so make sure you post a question for him on his video and maybe he'll answer it next time.

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